beSUCCESS Korea Startup and Technology Weekly Roundup
2013 7월 28

beSUCCESSThrough the beSUCCESS Korea Startup and Technology Weekly Roundup, we bring you major articles and posts related to the Korean startup and technology sectors from beSUCCESS as well as other media websites.

beSUCCESS: Korean Firms controlled 42% of the Global Smart TV market in Q1 2013

beSUCCESS: [Part III] Cybersecurity Issues In Korea

beSUCCESS: Global Ambitions For Korea’s No. 1 Mobile Ad Startup, AppDisco

beSUCCESS: Professors and Students of South Korean Tech Universities to get Startup Sabbaticals

beSUCCESS: South Korea’s Biggest Telco SK Launches Accelerator for Early Stage Startups

beSUCCESS - TIDE Institute: A non-profit to support entrepreneurship in Korea, inspired by Singularity University

beSUCCESS : Infographic: “Issues Facing The Korean Economy”

WSJ : Samsung Dethrones Apple in Smartphone Profits

AP/Yahoo : Samsung emphasizes components as smartphones peak

BBC: South Korea economic growth beats forecasts

MK Business News: Samsung rolls out world’s first 3GB mobile DRAM for smartphones

MK Business News: Mobile Startups in Korea teaming up with each other

MK Business News: SK Hynix, the world’s No. 2 memory chip maker, posted the highest quarterly operating profit in the second quarter

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