beSUCCESS Korea Startup and Technology Weekly Roundup
2013 8월 19

beSUCCESSThrough the beSUCCESS Korea Startup and Technology Weekly Roundup, we bring you major articles and posts related to the Korean startup and technology sectors from beSUCCESS as well as other media websites.

beSUCCESS: Korean Startup WePlanet Reinventing The Age Old Journal

beSUCCESS: Robotic Pet Care From Korean Startup SinglePet Could Break New Ground For Pet Owners

VentureBeat: beGLOBAL: A global tech conference, with a touch of Korean spice!

Skift: 5 Travel Startups Tackle Trip Planning in Myanmar, South Korea, and Beyond

TechCrunch: Announcing Disrupt SF’s Startup Alley, Hardware Alley, And International Pavilion Companies ; Korean pavillion by KOCCA

PandoDaily: More bad news for LivingSocial – its big-ticket Korean acquisition is reportedly up for sale

Forbes: Is Jeju Korea's Answer to Silicon Valley?

Forbes: How An E-Commerce King Is Conquering Korea

Korea Herald: Korea’s creative economy aims at venture ecosystem ; Administration touts creativity, innovation as key to job creation

GMF Blog: Addressing the Smartphone Adaptive Technology Gap in Korea

Maeil Business News: Older S. Koreans flock to smartphones

Maeil Business News: Samsung Elec. regains top position in global LTE-backed handset market

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