beSUCCESS Korea Startup and Technology Weekly Roundup
2013 7월 20

beSUCCESSThrough the beSUCCESS Korea Startup and Technology Weekly Roundup, we bring you major articles and posts related to the Korean startup and technology sectors from beSUCCESS as well as other media websites.

beSUCCESS: Current Cybersecurity Issues In Korea

beSUCCESS - Infographic : Smartphone penetration rate in Korea

VentureBeat: At 1-year anniversary, Korea’s Kakao mobile game platform hits 30M users and 400M game downloads

More to Gangnam than Gangnam style, - Gangnam: The Silicon Valley of South Korea

Engadget: South Korea's FTC finds Google not guilty of antitrust measures 

Thought Koreans are workaholics ? The Korea Herald: Korean Employees’ declining working hours

Total Telecom: Korea watchdog slaps record fine on telcos

Engadget : Korea launches Ultra HD pilot channel, six months early

Planning to visit South Korea ? Skift: South Korea to Refund Tourism Taxes in Bid to Bolster Visits

Conglomerates do dominate business in Korea, The Seattle Times: President Park Geun Hye agenda challenging chaebols in South Korea

Reuters: Korea Creative Contents Agency (KOCCA) will present 5 Korean companies at the Korean Pavilion at Siggraph 2013, the world's largest culture technologies(CT) exhibition, held in Anaheim, California in the US, for five days from July 21

Looks like Gangnam is not the only 'Silicon Valley' emerging in Korea, Korea IT Times: Pangyo Techno Valley (an industrial complex in Seongnam city) emerges as global R&D cluster

AFP: S.Korea enforces smartphone app to curb military leaks


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