beSUCCESS Korea Startup and Technology Weekly Roundup
2013 8월 5

beSUCCESSThrough the beSUCCESS Korea Startup and Technology Weekly Roundup, we bring you major articles and posts related to the Korean startup and technology sectors from beSUCCESS as well as other media websites.

The Korean startup ecosystem got a lot of online buzz this week, thanks to The Wall Street Journal article, 'Startups Take Off in South Korea; Successful Entrepreneurs Reinvesting in Fledgling Companies'

North Korea's tablet got a lot of attention too

beSUCCESS: Startup Wonder Uber Launching in Seoul With High Hopes

beSUCCESS: Debates loom in South Korea over how to handle digital legacy after death

beSUCCESS: Korean Startup Malang Studio Gamifying Alarms For Global Success

beSUCCESS: Samsung clinches one-third of all smartphone volumes worldwide in Q2

beSUCCESS: SeedStars World Competition Comes To Korea

beSUCCESS: Does Korea lag in Entrepreneurship? 

beSUCCESS: Beauty Curation Service Memebox Now Dominates The Korean Market – Next Stop Thailand

beSUCCESS: Dongbu Daewoo targets China’s premium market

Rude Baguette, A startup blog on France's startups: After government trips to South Korea, Samsung to open new development center in France

MK Business News: A spate of new smartphones slated for launch in August

Fast Market Research: South Korea Information Technology Report Q3 2013; Published by Business Monitor International on Jun 28, 2013 

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