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Japanese Internet Startup Investor CyberAgent Ventures Opens Korea Office and Fund
2012년 07월 05일

CyberAgent Ventures, headquarted in Tokyo which is a subsidiary of CyberAgent, Inc. has announced that it will establish its new office in Seoul,Korea in August 2012.

Korean Start-up Catalysts: Government’s Initiatives – Eunse Lee
2012년 07월 09일

beSUCCESS report on the role of the South Korean government in supporting startups in the country. The report looks at some of the initiatives, funds and programs of the South Korean government aimed at helping startups and SMEs.

LiveShare Combines Messaging, Location based services and Photo-sharing, Launches New Android App Today
2012년 07월 09일

Cooliris’s current core consumer product is LiveShare, a real-time media sharing application for mobile and web that makes it easy for groups to share privately or publicly.

2012년 07월 19일

When we say entrepreneurship it is Silicon Valley. But what if we move our sights over to Asia? According to Startup Compass, Singapore has Asia’s best start-up ecosystem in terms of the start-up’s throughput. Singapore’s well-made start-up ecosystem is said to be rooted in and backed by the country’s fertile financial infrastructure.

LG U+ and Ubitus launch first N-screen cloud gaming service, C-games in Korea
2012년 07월 19일

Ubitus, a cloud gaming solutions provider , and LG U+ Corp., leading telecommunications operator in South Korea, announced the launch of first N-screen cloud gaming service, C-games in Korea.

Korean Startup JellyBus photo apps on the verge of breaking 1 million user mark
2012년 07월 19일

JellyBus is a South Korean startup that has produced a bevy of photo-related mobile apps. The apps are on the verge of breaking 1 million user mark.

Report: South Korea has the world’s highest number of broadband services per capita
2012년 07월 25일

South Korea has the world’s highest number of broadband services per capita and into 2012 over 35% of the population and 95% of households were broadband subscribers according to a report by international market research and market data firm Research and Markets.

Cooliris Launches Social Photo Discovery App for iPhone and iPad
2012년 07월 27일

Cooliris has launched an all-new Cooliris app for iPad and iPhone. Leveraging the Cooliris 3D Wall that the company is renowned for, Cooliris app lets users discover and share photos from multiple sources, all in one place. Cooliris integrates rich media sources such as the mobile photo library, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Images into one seamless app to create a relevant and exciting experience for users to discover photos

Heard From VC: Building a Successful Start-up in Korea – Eunse Lee
2012년 07월 30일

Eunse Lee talks with a VC – Mr. James Kwon, a senior manager at Qualcomm Ventures on building a successful start-up in Korea.

SparkLabs, a New Startup Accelerator, Launches and Brings Silicon Valley and the World’s Innovators to South Korea
2012년 07월 31일

A new technology startup accelerator launches to further develop one of the world’s leading innovation nations by energizing its entrepreneurial ecosystem. SparkLabs, a new startup accelerator in Korea, is seeking to fill the critical gap for Korea’s entrepreneurs who seek connectivity, knowledge and mentorship as they work to expand into the U.S., China, Japan and other locations across the globe. “Korea has been a powerhouse of innovation in high technology.  SparkLabs opens…

StoryGem – Location Based Social Network That Lets You Share and Find ‘Gems’
2012년 08월 02일

StoryGem is a location-based social network service that enables users to discover new friends by sharing their best memories in a geographic area.

beSUCCESS Partners With Bench-marking Tool for Entrepreneurs Startup Compass
2012년 08월 03일

We at beSUCCESS are glad to announce that we have entered into a partnership with Startup Genome Compass, which is a simple benchmarking tool for entrepreneurs to evaluate their progress against other startups and make more informed product and business decisions by utilizing a data driven feedback loop.

Mobile Advertising and Publishing Platform Tapjoy and SK Planet Announce Strategic Global Partnership
2012년 08월 04일

Tapjoy a mobile advertising and publishing platform, recently announced that it has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with SK Planet, an affiliate of SK Telecom, South Korea’s largest telecommunications company.

Energy Sector in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) (II): The United Arab Emirates (UAE)
2012년 09월 26일

Ali Masoudi looks at the energy sector in the Middle East and North Africa region, in this article, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Abu Dhabi, “Masdar City” a global center of excellence in the renewable energy and clean technology will be introduced and potential business opportunities will be discussed.

Korea’s Nexon to Acquire Japanese Mobile Game Developer gloops, Inc.
  ·  2012년 10월 01일

South Korean company Nexon, a global leader in free-to-play online games, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire all outstanding common shares of gloops, Inc. (“gloops”), a leading developer of mobile games for DeNA’s Mobage platform in Japan, for JPY 36.5 billion in cash

BellaDati launches agile analytics and reporting cloud tool at DEMO Fall 2012
2012년 10월 04일

Belladati was one of the startups that were part of beLAUNCH 2012 and launched their Korean version during beLAUNCH. Today Belladati announced that they have opened offices in the U.S and have partnered with local partners.

WeMade Entertainment’s Candy Pang hits jackpot
  ·  2012년 10월 06일

According to the Korean investment consultancy E-trade Investment, the mobile puzzle board game ‘Candy Pang’ developed by WeMade is rapidly advancing through the ratings board; on the 1st of October which marked the first week of launching, it set the record of whopping 6,000,000 downloads and it was increased to a further 8,000,000 all within three days.

The broken relationship between Neowiz and BLUELAB
  ·  2012년 10월 06일

BLUELAB is currently preparing an official announcement with regards to the above matter and are also in search of a new Korean publisher.

Delay in Release of iPhone5 in South Korea Raises Speculations
  ·  2012년 10월 07일

There are various speculations as to the reasons for the delay. While some claim that it is due to the tension and litigation history between Apple and Samsung Electronics; others claim that it is because there is a shortage in supplies; others speculate that it is due to the delay in optimization of 850㎒ LTE (Long Term Evolution).

“What Apple’s new clause will mean to Kakaotalk Users”
  ·  2012년 10월 09일

Clause 2.25 was introduced in Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines that will effectively render Kakaotalk gaming services unusable.