Treasure Hunter
SK Telecom boosts investment into MCN provider Treasure Hunter by US$4.3m
2015년 11월 09일

SK Telecom has made a US$4.3m (KRW 5b) into MCN (Multi Channel Network) operator Treasure Hunter. Treasure Hunter is the creator and operator of famous and popular channels such as YangDding (YG Gaming Channel), Aligator and Eve Kim.  The investment is expected to boost the Hotzil channel which was launched on the 9th November as a channel for music, live and entertainment mobile video. SK Telecom highlighted their aim in improving the…

Treasure Hunter secures US$3.3 million from DSC Investment
2015년 08월 11일

MCN (Multi Channel Network) specialist Treasure Hunter announced its success in attracting an investment worth US$3.3m (KRW 4b) from DSC Investment. This announcement was made by Song Jae Ryong the representative from Treasure Hunter. This follows investments of US$5.6m (KRW 6.7b) in May which was led by the company’s stategic partner 4:33 and three other venture capitals located in Korea and overseas. In total the company has raised nearly US$9m (KRW 10.7b)…