‘WEMAKEPRICE’ Expected to Surpass Coupang After Purchasing Ticket Monster?
2015년 01월 05일

This year, Coupang reached the top of the social commerce game with two major investments. In order to chase Coupang ‘WEMAKEPRICE’ announced their buyout of Ticket Monster (TMON). There was reserved bidding session for TMON until the morning of 31st. 10 fund manager companies including Carlyle, Affinity,  KKR, Anchor Partners, and WEMAKEPRICE participated in this session. TMON came out on 2010 as the very first domestic social commerce platform. It was purchased…

Opportunities And Threats In Korea’s Blossoming E-Commerce Market
2014년 12월 15일

Social Commerce In Korea Is A hot Topic These Days With Coupang’s Recent $300 Million USD Fundraise – Here’s a Review of the Market from our friends at Business Korea. In May 2010 social commerce arrived in Korea, thanks to local player, TMON. In the same year two other local players also started operations, Coupang and. Four years later, three companies are still operating at a loss, engaged in fierce competition. Coupang has…

Another One Bites The Dust: Groupon, Another Global Tech Corporation Plans Exit From Korea
  ·  2014년 03월 25일

Groupon recently announced liquidation of all assets of Groupon Korea, and a plan to focus all its efforts to promote its recent acquisition Ticket Monster (TMON) in Asia’s third largest e-commerce market. Groupon now joins the long list of global companies, which have failed to capture market share in South Korea. Recently (December 2012), Yahoo also shut down its Korean operations, as profitability became an issue in South Korea. South Korea is…