This Korean Startup Brings Computer Science Education Into The Digtal Age
2014년 12월 16일

The programming and Software education market is booming in Korea. Starting from next year, domestic software education will become mandatory for middle school students, and by 2018 it will become part of the national curriculum for elementary, middle and high school. And Korea is not the only nation focusing on this area, with governments across the globe aiming to bake computer science into standard education. For example, as of this September computer…

Working in Korea as a Foreigner: Understanding Korean Visas
2014년 07월 15일

As Korea continues to brand itself as a startup nation, increasingly foreigners are becoming interested in joining Korean startups or even starting up their own venture in Korea. But getting visas in Korea for entrepreneurial endeavours can be daunting and is often tied up with red tape, as the government grapples with the best way forward to open Korea to foreign workers in the tech and startup space. A few of the…