SK Telecom
SK Telecom boosts investment into MCN provider Treasure Hunter by US$4.3m
2015년 11월 09일

SK Telecom has made a US$4.3m (KRW 5b) into MCN (Multi Channel Network) operator Treasure Hunter. Treasure Hunter is the creator and operator of famous and popular channels such as YangDding (YG Gaming Channel), Aligator and Eve Kim.  The investment is expected to boost the Hotzil channel which was launched on the 9th November as a channel for music, live and entertainment mobile video. SK Telecom highlighted their aim in improving the…

The Other Side of Competition – Telecom Operators Penalized for Subsidizing Smartphones in Korea
  ·  2014년 04월 10일

Fierce competition in one of the most technologically advanced market with the highest smartphone penetration, is forcing telecom operators to resort to “smarter options” to sell. For telecom operators this is a matter of survival in a highly competitive market. But, these “options” may not always be within the legal framework of the Government, and result in undesirable consequences. This is exactly what happened in Korea, where telecom operators are fighting to…

Samsung Galaxy S5 launches 2 weeks ahead – Dampens worldwide launch on 11th April.
  ·  2014년 04월 09일

The much awaited global launch of Samsung Galaxy S5 missed its launch date. The launch planned on 11th April, was not delayed, but started selling 2 weeks ahead of schedule. This was pulled off by Samsung’s telecom and distribution partners in Korea – SK Telecom and KT. SK Telecom was the first to start selling the device on Thursday 27th March. Later, KT also decided to start selling, as it did not…

Korea’s LTE-A, Leading The Future Of Mobile Broadband
2014년 01월 03일

LTE-A will shape our mobile broadband future, has been all over the Korean tech news for a while, and has huge scope to grow, from current download speeds of around 45Mbps to up to 300Mbps. I thought it worth taking a look at where it is now and where it is heading in the next 12 months. For additional information please access the links in the text. Basic Facts: LTE was first…

SK Telecom Net Doubled In Q4 2012 – But What Does KCC Got To Do With It All?
  ·  2013년 03월 22일

SK Telecom Co.,South Korea’s top mobile operator reported a two-fold growth in its Q4 profit in 2012. They claimed that this was due to a decrease in marketing costs – meaning what? The results come as the country’s three mobile operators ― SK Telecom, KT Corp. and LG Uplus Corp. ― have been slowing down their marketing drive recently amid the communications watchdog’s move to cool market competition. In December last year, the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) fined the three firms a combined 11.9 billion won and imposed business suspensions for giving out excessive subsidies to lure LTE subscribers.

[Weekly News] What’s Happening In Korea? (10. Feb)
  ·  2013년 02월 11일

beSUCCESS covers weekly news in Korea, 10 Feb.

High-Speed Mobile Competition Hots Up In Korea: LG U+ Raises Flag For Country’s First Unlimited LTE Data Plans
  ·  2013년 01월 28일

LG U+, Korea’s third-largest mobile carrier, will release the nation’s first unlimited-data plans for customers using LTE networks. From Jan. 31 to April 30, customers who switch from another provider will be eligible for the free plan, fueling the intensifying battle for new LTE customers.

Prevention measures to be taken for mobile phone fraudsters
  ·  2012년 10월 18일

As mobile phone fraud cases are increasing, SK Telecom, KT, LG U+ and organisations such as Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA) and Korea Association of ICT Promotion have meeting discussing prevention measures for mobile loan fraud schemes.