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Another One Bites The Dust: Groupon, Another Global Tech Corporation Plans Exit From Korea
  ·  2014년 03월 25일

Groupon recently announced liquidation of all assets of Groupon Korea, and a plan to focus all its efforts to promote its recent acquisition Ticket Monster (TMON) in Asia’s third largest e-commerce market. Groupon now joins the long list of global companies, which have failed to capture market share in South Korea. Recently (December 2012), Yahoo also shut down its Korean operations, as profitability became an issue in South Korea. South Korea is…

Shifting Tides: The Korean Portal Market in Flux as Naver Eats Daum, and Nate (and Google Emerges)
2014년 03월 13일

Between 1997 and 2001, 3 web portal giants were born in Korea in a mini .com boom that mirrored similar in the west. Daum, Naver and Nate utilized the incredible IT infrastructure that had been built through a massive, strategic cash injection from the Korean government that aimed (and succeeded) in powering Korea to the status of one of the most progressive technology hubs in the world. This legacy still prevails and…

Korean Camera App, Cymera, Passes 60M Downloads
2014년 01월 16일

Korean camera app Cymera, developed by SK Communications, has surpassed 60 million in cumulative downloads. Launched in March 2012, Cymera achieve over the 10-million downloads in just nine months and reached the 60-million milestone in just one year. It is also worthy of note that Cymera achieved 45 million downloads in foreign countries, a rare feat to be achieved by a Korean dev-house. Cymera gained popularity first in Southeast Asian countries, including…

Acquisitions, Acquisitions: Daum And Kakao Acquires Dialoid and Sunnyloft. What’s Next?
  ·  2013년 02월 19일

Daum communications and Kakao will be making a series of startups acquisitions. This is to increase their competitive edge in terms of mobile services. The two Korean giants have acquired Dialoid and Sunnyloft respectively. What are the implications for startups and the startup ecosystem?

Chinese Companies Poaching Top Flight Korean IT Professionals
2013년 01월 29일

In the face of South Korean lay-offs Chinese corporations are poaching skilled IT workers from Korea, promising promotions and better pay. The exodus could hurt Korea’s long term aspirations for increasing the country’s profile as a top IT center.