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China’s Tencent Opens Its Doors To Korean Gaming Comapnies
2014년 12월 03일

We reported recently that Chinese investors have been making inroads into Korea. Now we are seeing the first signs of what fruits those investments are likely to bear. As reported by Business Korea, Korean gaming companies are beginning to target the Chinese mobile gaming market, in partnership with Tencent. In a new trend for the Chinese internet giant, Tencent is now actively opening its doors to Korean companies interested in entering the…

Korean Game Developers Attract Interest From China, Jointly Raise Around $1 Billion USD
2014년 11월 13일

Korean developers are attracting increased interest from overseas firms. Tencent has already made a number of large-scale investments, and European companies are also actively seeking Korean gaming companies to bolster their growth. Due to current market conditions, it is likely that the Korean gaming market growth will have stalled by 2015, so Korean game companies are also actively looking for growth engines, particularly in overseas markets. It is also widely recognized that…

Top 10 Most Valuable Korean Venture Companies: Kakao Still Reigning With Its Unquestionable Supremacy
2014년 04월 15일

Original data for this post taken from an article in Korean on Under The Radar, with additional editing from Hugh Yoon and Nathan Millard: Under The Radar, a prominent IT and Startup focused blog, recently published a top 10 list of venture backed enterprises in Korea. Not surprisingly, Kakao was placed number one in the list by a wide margin. In Korea, unlike most other venture ecosystems around the world, success is…