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beSUCCESS 3 Morning Reads [3. Jun]
  ·  2013년 06월 03일

Good morning everybody! June is the last month for Q2 – hope you are all satisfied with the results you’re getting. Here are some beSUCCESS-approved readings for this morning: 1. The New “Handmade” (Part Three) This series from TechCrunch is all about 3D printers. Consumer interest in 3D printing is booming, thanks to affordable printers. But 3D printing is fueling artists’ creativity, too, and turning your consumers into artists. The series tells you about 3D-printing technology, the artists…

beSUCCESS 3 Morning Reads [29. May]
  ·  2013년 05월 29일

Howdy world citizens! Here are some morning reads for you today, good-to-go either on a train, a bus, over a cereal bowl (or another bowl, if you know what I mean)… whatever you desire, I supply ya. It’s Wednesday! Keep it up! Whatever you do, don’t be this guy. Weekend’s almost here! 1. Thomas Clayton: Bidding war between Tencent and LINE for Kakao Great article by Product Manager and Senior Writer at e27,…