Korea’s LTE-A, Leading The Future Of Mobile Broadband
2014년 01월 03일

LTE-A will shape our mobile broadband future, has been all over the Korean tech news for a while, and has huge scope to grow, from current download speeds of around 45Mbps to up to 300Mbps. I thought it worth taking a look at where it is now and where it is heading in the next 12 months. For additional information please access the links in the text. Basic Facts: LTE was first…

SK Telecom’s LTE-A, Fastest Mobile Internet Service in the World
2014년 01월 02일

LTE-A was first launched in Korea in June 2013 and the government has just concluded it’s first LTE-A speed audit, naming SK’s service as the fastest available, in the country with the fastest mobile internet speeds in the world. There are three kinds of LTE services available. Regular LTE is a fourth-generation telecommunication service that offers data flow as fast as 75 megabits per second. LTE-A doubles the speed up to 150…