Thanks To Eased Regulations Crowdfunding Picks Up Speed in Korea
2016년 01월 25일

Imagine a new Korean drama is in the works, but to bring it to life the producers need funding. How fast would your little sister hit that ‘fund’ button if it were available? Thanks to eased government regulations that button is now a reality for crowdfunding fans in Korea and beyond. In 2015 several Korean crowdfunding campaigns achieved huge results on US-based sites, like YOLK’s USD $1 million campaign on Kickstarter. Now…

A smart menstrual cup to keep track of your period
2015년 10월 09일

Looncup, a smart menstrual cup will give women a better understanding of your monthly flow. It can be inserted into women’s vaginas during period. It can send the data including fluid volume and color and analyze the data by comparing it from previous data. Looncup is made of silicone with a sensor, battery and Bluetooth antenna. It can be connected through bluetooth to an app on your iPhone, Android or Apple Watch, and can…