8 Percent to Continue Leading Korean P2P Lending Market
  ·  578일 전

Innovation can be defined in many ways. Among those, my favorite is to define it as the ability to kill and eat a great (even better, if it’s the entire) share of an existing market. And it is because in this world of surpluses of everything, pretty much the only way to create a market as an innovation is meant to is to kill the old industry by making it obsolete. There…

Kakao needs a new revenue stream, plans to expand into delivery service
646일 전

Kakao Corp. (KOSDAQ 035720) today reported third quarter financial results under Korean-IFRS. Kakao’s consolidated revenue for the quarter was KRW 229.6 billion with mobile businesses making up 56%. For the third quarter, Kakao focused on actively identifying and promoting new ideas and business opportunities. This led to uniform growth in mobile businesses, and consolidated revenue for the quarter grew 1.4% QoQ and 3.5% YoY. Kakao’s commerce platform showed the greatest growth in…