Meet The Team Behind Media Mining Startup, Easiaid [Part 2]
2014년 07월 26일

Yesterday we published part 1 of this story here. Below is part 2. We learned about the basics of what Easiaid wants to achieve. Now let’s take a look at the team behind the vision. In Easiaid we see a team that has the experience and ability to execute, and that’s exciting! The team of four, a father, his son and two friends were determined to squash the Korean hierarchy normally found…

The Future Of Smart Advertising Is Media Mining And Korean Startup Easiaid Aims To Lead The Market [Part 1]
2014년 07월 25일

Easiaid is a Korean Start-up, obsessed with Media Mining, which seeks to track everything on TV shows in order to give Ad viewing power back to the customer. At a time when heritage advertising has lost its appeal and it efficacy, content producers are desperate to find new ways of monetizing content. The industry is wide open and innovation is leading future trends that could change the ways we consume branded content…