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Rank-Type Social Dating App ‘Charmy’ Launch
517일 전

Social dating ‘Charmy’ has successfully completed it’s beta and announced an official launch of the service. Charmy is a dating app using ‘ranking’ and ‘matching’ solution which matches partners based on the rank much like the very well known on-line game League of Legends (LOL). Experiences like being frustrated of not being able to meet a likable match, Charmy has designed its service to minimize the fatigue by adopting ranking system. Basically the users…

Yellow Mobile’s Location-Based SNS ‘1km’ Targets Global Market With International Version
985일 전

Yello Mobile’s location-based SNS ‘1km’ has announced the launch of their international version, which now supports ten different languages including English, Chinese, Spanish, and Thai. Riding the current of ‘Korean-Wave’, they are targeting South-east Asian and Latin American countries, which are hotspots for Korean popular culture. There is a long term plan to expand their global coverage further in the future. The app, which uses GPS to connect people within a 1km…