Cross Fire
SangBong Suh, the head of Smilegate Orange Farm center, helps Korean startups to go to China
  ·  2016년 06월 21일

If a person comes for the profit goes for another profit, a person bows for a power searches for another powerful men. Only the person comes for the mind lasts forever.” – from “The Rise of the Great Nations” by SangRae Cho. Smilegate group(CEO HyeokBin Kwon) is famous for a FPS game called ‘Cross Fire.’ Cross Fire which has 500million global users, 6million users for concurrent user, successfully localized the game in…

China’s Tencent Opens Its Doors To Korean Gaming Comapnies
2014년 12월 03일

We reported recently that Chinese investors have been making inroads into Korea. Now we are seeing the first signs of what fruits those investments are likely to bear. As reported by Business Korea, Korean gaming companies are beginning to target the Chinese mobile gaming market, in partnership with Tencent. In a new trend for the Chinese internet giant, Tencent is now actively opening its doors to Korean companies interested in entering the…