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Channel Breeze’s ‘Zig Bang’ Raises $18 Million USD from Previous Investors
2015년 02월 10일

  Channel Breeze(CEO Sung Woo Ahn) revealed the company’s main service ‘Zig Bang’, a rent searching app, raised $18 Million USD as investment. Zig Bang became the second Korean start-up that raises a grand scale investment over $18 Million USD (20 billion won) since Baedal Minjok. In advance of this multi-million investment, Channel Breeze has recieved investment last year which amounts up to $8.21 million USD from seven venture capitals in and…

Korean eBook Store Ridibooks Just Raised $8 million In Series B investment
2014년 12월 03일

eBook store ‘Ridibooks’ just announced an $8 million investment from Neoplux, Atinum Investment, Company K Partners, and Mirae Asset Ventures. Ki-sik Bae, a representative from Ridi Corporation has gained notoriety in the local publishing market as he has consistently been dedicated to returning around 75% of the profits from sales on his platform to the writers since 2008. This was around the time that the first iPhone was released. During a previous…