Atinum Investment
화이트보드 협업툴 ‘비캔버스’ 에이티넘인베스트먼트로부터 투자 유치
2020년 06월 09일

v리모트워킹을 위한 최적화된 툴 비캔버스(Beecanvas, 대표 홍용남)가 에이티넘인베스트먼트로(Atinum Investment)부터 투자(금액 비공개)를 유치했다. 비캔버스는 프로젝트 관리와 업무를 화이트보드 형태로 제공하는 서비스형 소프트웨어(SaaS)로, 지난달 미국 샌프란시스코의 B2B 전문 액셀러레이터 알케미스트(Alchemist Accelerator) 데모데이를 통해 비캔버스 글로벌 버전을 선보였다.

Korean fintech startup Coin Plug get US$4.2m investment for Bitcoin blockchain technology
2015년 10월 01일

On the 1st October, CoinPlug, a Fintech company specializing in blockchain technology using bitcoins, announced that it had secured US$4.2m (KRW 5b) in investments from domestic investors. Atinum Investment lead the investment along with other investors including KB Investment and SBI Investments. Uh Jun Sun CoinPlug’s representative said, “This investment activity from local investors highlights the rising importance of blockchain technology”. He added the company was, “Delighted that CoinPlug has become the first blockchain…

Korean eBook Store Ridibooks Just Raised $8 million In Series B investment
2014년 12월 03일

eBook store ‘Ridibooks’ just announced an $8 million investment from Neoplux, Atinum Investment, Company K Partners, and Mirae Asset Ventures. Ki-sik Bae, a representative from Ridi Corporation has gained notoriety in the local publishing market as he has consistently been dedicated to returning around 75% of the profits from sales on his platform to the writers since 2008. This was around the time that the first iPhone was released. During a previous…