Top five healthcare trends from technology startups
2월 1, 2016


Technology has been integral in medical advancement and personal health. Now more than ever, technology is readily available to people of developed countries, mostly in the form of smart phones and devices. Recently, a surge in personal health gadgets and apps has been observed with the likes of Garmin Vivosmart, Fitbit, Samsung S Health and Apple Health gaining momentum in the market.

These smart devices have the ability to not only enhance the quality of life but provides powerful insight into the health and well-being of users. The ability to monitor and share a user’s key health data might be a handy function now for the health conscious, but for the future of medicine, this will likely be the most important function in monitoring and determining a person’s health.

In South Korea, the most wired country in the world, a surge of such health related technological advances are starting to make their mark. beSUCCESS looks at some of the recent Korean startups worth keeping note on for the future:

1. Loon Cup by Loon Lab, Inc. The world’s first smart menstrual cup which measures, analyses and tracks the well-being of females. The technology is featured in and has raised over US$160k in funds with over 3,600 backers.Looncup2. Elemark. An affordable Android powered mobile blood testing device with mobile enables tools and data insights. The products are available to researchers, doctors and patients worldwide to enable early stage diagnosis, better care and treatment decisions to be made. Patients using Elemark are able to transmit their test results using mobile enabled device and integrated app.


3. Lunit. A platform that helps physicians to make accurate and objective diagnosis through machine learning technology. Lunit helps physicians make accurate and objective diagnosis through machine learning technology. Through machine learning technologies, the human ability is extended beyond the limitation of time and physical constraints. Central to the technology is a number of record-breaking algorithms for general object detection and medical image analysis.

Lunit4. HealthBreeze. Innovating healthcare communication with medical animation that is used for healthcare education. Once healthcare professionals install the HealthBreeze app, they are able to show medical animations to their patient and family members. The interface is completely customisable with the health professional’s own banner and contact information. Health professionals are able to send SMS or email to their patients who are able to watch the animation on their smart device or PC.

healthbreeze5. Zikto. A fashionable wearble device that was founded by members from LG electronics, Samsung Mechatronics, SK Telecom and Shinhan Bank. Unlike other wearble devices, the Zikto fitness bank provides feedback on the user’s posture. Unlike Fitbit and Garmin Vivosmart, the device is not only a pedometer that counts the user’s steps but provides feedback on the step posture. The feedback of step quality allows the user to adjust any misalignments and bad postures. Along with the step quality counter, the fashionable device also monitors calories and sleep.



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