7 Websites To Know When Wanting To Do Business In Korea
4월 12, 2013

Here is a list of great websites you should know about when you want to do business in Korea:

  1.             KOTRA (Korea Trade Association). http://english.kotra.or.kr/
  2.             KOCCA (Korea Creative Content Agency). http://www.kocca.kr/eng/index.html
  3.             KOVA (Korea Venture Business Association). http://venture.or.kr/kova/index.jsp
  4.             Invest Korea. http://www.investkorea.org/ikwork/iko/eng/main/index.jsp
  5.             The Korean Law Blog. http://www.thekoreanlawblog.com/
  6.             Seoul Global Centre. http://global.seoul.go.kr/
  7.             Korean Immigration Service. http://www.immigration.go.kr/HP/IMM80/index.do


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