The award announcement of “2013 IDEAS Show” is now drawing greatest attention!
8월 2, 2013

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The greatest web service announcement, “2013 IDEAS Show” was grandly held by Ministry of Economic Affairs and Institute for Information Industry at GIS NTU Convention Center on July 24-25.

The first day was the conference and sessions of 3D makers and TV apps. There was also an Expo during this event, 60 booths including the areas of e-commerce, apps, O2O service and app advertising.

And for the second day, the Demo Shows were the highlight. There were 32 outstanding startups which were consist of startups from local and international, and some even were students. All the competitors were well-prepared and devoted themselves to the 6 min-limited Demo Show, competing for the favor of the venture investor and get the opportunity for market extension.

Later, the result came out as five startups which are “Miracle”, “Fandora Shop”, “Sweet Shot”, “Yooho Farmer”, and “Pingluweb” won the awards of IDEAS Show as judge's favor and the award of most investment potential was belong to “Interactive video commercial platform”. For the enterprise awards, “Chocolabs” won the award of best market enterprise. And "Whoscall ", a note worthy startups that deserved the honor of the most innovative award and Global Brand award which is a chance also to launch their product on G.B.’s year conference. The splendid 6-min Demo Shows and awards announcement have drawn greatest attention and also create a buzz either in enterprise or on internet.

Institution Awards Winners
IDEAS Show IDEAS Show Awards Pingluw eb、Miracle、Yooho Farmer、fandora shop、SweetShot
IDEAS Show Most Investment Potential Interactive video commercial platform
National Innovation Program Innovative Award WhosCall、CliPick、iCallMe
30 Magazine 30 Visionary Award Pingluweb、fandora shop
IDEAS Show Best Service、080 Housework Service、Yooho Farmer
Global Brain Global Brand Award WhosCall
Far East Tone Telecommunications Best Market Enterprise CHOCOLABS
B Dash B Dash Award Taiwan Kopi Luwak Coffee

“IDEAS Show” has been launched since 2008 and is dedicated to accelerate the industrial investment, the effort of matching innovators and investors are well received. It is worth mentioning that the scale of the event is greater than ever, and the awards this year are especially fantastic.

Furthermore, the mentor of 500 Startups, Benjamin Joffe was invited to give the keynote speech of his perspective on innovative tendency and the elements being a startup or an innovator.

There are also corporation president & CEO of Global Brain, Yasuhiko Yurimoto, executive director of PIXET, JR Chen, president of Vertex Venture Management, Jeff Chang, and the vice president of trends Media Group, Jeff Chang…more than 20 venture investors and entrepreneurs attended the events as judges to give professional reviews and suggestions.

Being a facilitator and 5-year experienced innovation event holder, IDEAS Show innovates itself, breakthroughs, evolves and leads the stage for the big picture of innovation cooperation.


As of today, IDEAS Show has been viewed as the grandest carnival of creative and has fostered hundreds of startups (over 18 startups reward the international awards, such as iPeen, EZTABLE, Vpon, Accupass, Cubie Messenger, Wondershow…etc), and the involved innovations are raised to thousands and persistently increased.

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