Marketing Strategy For Your Startup
4월 11, 2013

1. Users Are Important.

Success lies with the loyalty of your users, or fans. By now you should know the importance that influencers, users, and fans have to your brand. These are the people who are driving viral interactions for you naturally. You need to nurture them, keep them loving and adoring your brand.

One thing you can do is give your fans a shout out every now and them. Successful startups do this on a regular basis that catches people's eyes. Feature users in your services every week - if your service involves, for example, drawing and selling creative content (ie. unique portraits of people), then do one for free every Tuesday or so. Call it Tumblr Tuesday, Facebook Fridays and so on - choose a name that is catchy and give credit to the users. Increase the reach by promoting this to their network.

Let the users know that you are listening to them. Promote their social shares about your brand. Here are a few ways:

  • Repost or reshare a picture of them using your product on your channels.
  • Share a review they wrote.
  • Mention them on Twitter or Facebook.

The more you do this, the more other people will join in on sharing content about your brand in hopes that you will reshare it.

2. Host Contests.

Identify a recent trend and host a contest around it.

These will be interesting to the users because it is so new - a great way to brand and market yourself as a fresh, modern, tech-forward startup.

3. Syndicate Your Content From Network To Network - But Not All At Once.

Post a picture on Instagram to catch the eyeballs there. Then, take that content and share it on your blog the next day. From there, share that blog post on Twitter and Facebook.

Stretching one piece of content into many pieces increases the reach for that one piece of content.

You allow for maximum eyeballs on different networks, and you know that your users are segmented, and like to consume content in different manners at different places.

Think about this the next time you post something, and want to hit the Tweet and Facebook share buttons.

Instead of sharing that moment on all networks, try spacing it out. Your content will go a lot further.

4. Use Unique Social Networks.

Go ahead - try some new apps out. Take a stab at video apps, or jump on to the bandwagon. Try it out - you never know what results you may get from that. If the promotion value is low after a few tests, move on.

Also, partnering up with other key startups might achieve positive synergy effect.

Create a group that promotes one another perhaps! It may be a small army of marketing power, but you can use this with your employees, and their employees, and their partners' employees... Encourage your employee to be social ambassadors.

The more people you have promoting you, the more reach you will have.

5. Post Often, Use Different Networks.

While you want to be careful about how much you post, make sure you post enough to keep yourself relevant.

Don't forget: your audience is present on different networks, so make yourself present there too.

It is important to be present on many different networks, it's important that you spend time where you obtain the most alue.


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