Korean Online Community Website Attacked By Hackers – Thoughts?
4월 11, 2013

The title just says 'Korean community website' because I personally do not think it is a major website. The website in question is the infamous and controversial "Ilgan Best". Apparently, an international hacking group, Anonymous, have attacked the website.

The website is humor-centered with jokes and political viewpoints. These are heavily biased, although that goes for any online community really.

To give you the low-down of the event:

1. Ilgan Best came under DDoS (distributed denial-of-service), limiting access to the site.

2. Speculations that the website being attacked by hackers were raised. This was because Anonymous Korea said through Twitter that several members of Ilgan Best caused trouble. “Several members of Ilbe.com came to our OpIsrael IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and caused a ruckus,” it said.

3. The group added that IRC operators were 'furious' and threatened to attack South Korea if Ilgan Best members did not stop. Previously, OpIsrael IRC is referring to the hacker group's recent cyber attacks on Israel.

4. Hours after the attack, Anonymous Korea posted that “there is a possibility that [OpIsrael IRC] raided Ilgan Best,”.

5. Neither confirmed nor denied the allegation.

What do you think about the whole event? What does it show?

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