Korean Camera App, Cymera, Passes 60M Downloads
1월 16, 2014

Korean camera app Cymera, developed by SK Communications, has surpassed 60 million in cumulative downloads. Launched in March 2012, Cymera achieve over the 10-million downloads in just nine months and reached the 60-million milestone in just one year. It is also worthy of note that Cymera achieved 45 million downloads in foreign countries, a rare feat to be achieved by a Korean dev-house.

Cymera gained popularity first in Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand and Vietnam, with its popularity later spreading to the U.S. and Europe and now to South American countries, including Brazil.

The camera app passed the 1-million mark in downloads in more than 15 countries, with the number of the countries where Cymera exceeded 4 million increasing at a steady pace. Among the 4 million countries are the U.S., Brazil, China, and Thailand.

In 220 countries worldwide, Cymera achieves more than 200,000 downloads per day, with the number of its daily and monthly users estimated at 3 million and 20 million, respectively.


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