Korea Safe And Stable For Business
4월 12, 2013

Seoul is keeping a staunch watch on any military provocation from North Korea through a close cooperation with the U.S., China, and the international community.

Representatives of eBay, Google, GE Healthcare, Citibank Korea, BASF Korea, Siemens, Standard Chartered Bank Korea, Dongwoo Fine-Chem, Denso, Bank of China and S-Oil joined in the luncheon with President Park.

  1. With some representatives stating their wider investment plans for this year, the members, expressed faith in the Seoul government in terms of security and continued cooperation in response to Park.
  2. Siemens said that an engineering company will be set up in South Korea, with a record number of foreign technicians to act as a regional headquarter.
  3. S-Oil also said its investment to Korea will be expanded by four-fold in the future.
  4. American Chamber of Commerce said that the U.S. companies will be staying in the South and that she will continue to send a message to the headquarters of U.S. companies operating here that they are confident about the business condition here.

President Park praised them for contributing to the Korean economy. She confirmed with conviction that a stable environment will continue to be made where you feel secure, make investments and conduct business - this is because South Korea is a country that constantly exerts the best abilities while remaining undeterred.

“Foreign investment companies have played a huge role and continue to play a pivotal position in the Korean economy as South Korea came to accomplish such growth of today.”

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