High-tech TV content Search and Smart home Security at CES
1월 10, 2013

At CES 2013 NetGear revealed a number of new products aimed at making the home a more connected, safe, energy efficient, and personalized space. CEO, Patrick Lo stated that the ubiquity of smart phones (and tablets) and the rapidly expanding use of cloud technologies has meant “connectivity options have expanded from fundamental to fantastic”. Expect huge changes in this space in 2013.

One of the enhanced product lines from NetGear is VueZone Home Monitoring systems, in the form of a highly advanced security camera, with night vision. It can send emergency messages and play back incidents (such as a burglar intrusion) in real time, with live video footage on your smart phone, anywhere. Other uses include monitoring elderly relatives, young children, and, beware cheating partners. This technology will have a profound impact on home and personal security.

TVs have been big news at CES this year and NetGear have launched new services in this space, on Google TV, as well. Users can now search a multitude of sources (live and historic) to find genres or specific titles, and stream them direct to a TV. So, you could ‘order’ your evening’s viewing on the subway home and have it ready to watch (while eating your Smart cooked dinner) as soon as you get back.

More news from CES coming in this space shortly.

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