Cyworld To Be Revamped?
5월 24, 2013

Industry officials recently said that SK Communications, the social network service (SNS) affiliate of SK Group, is planning a 'refashioning' of its ailing service Cyworld.

We all know that due to a decline in their earning, SK was forced to downsize in 2012. It had an operating loss of 10.3bil KRW in Q1, marking its sixth consecutive quarterly loss. However, market watchers believe that they are aiming to draw back its subscribers.

Cyworld dominated the local SNS market once, but it has now been marginalized by rivals such as Twitter and Facebook. But they're making a comeback.

In response to complaints about the “cutesy but uncomfortable” UI/UX, the Cyworld homepage will be in full screen (it currently takes up only two thirds). A more comprehensive comprehensive upgrade will be unveiled some time next month or in July.

A new interaction service exclusively for mobile devices is also under development. They are developing a new app that allows members to view all the photos uploaded on their homepages in their smartphones is also planned. Apparently, it will be similar to 'Kakao Story' and 'Band'. This is not surprising, given that most of the Korean population still visit the site (although not so often) for their old pictures.

SK entered the mobile platform late -- but it will be interesting to see how they do in 2013. What do you think?


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