[Breaking News] Maker Of AniPang, SundayToz To Join KOSDAQ
5월 30, 2013


According to the Korean Financial Supervisory Service, SundayToz, the developers of AniPang, will be joining the KOSDAQ (Korean Securities Dealers Automated Quotations trading board), following an acquisition by Hana Green Special Purpose Acquisition Co.

SundayToz is the developer of Kakao's AniPang (adequately named "the national mobile game of Korea"). They are known as the company that literally 'opened a new chapter for Mobile Games' - and they made 23.8bil. KRW (approx. 23.8 million USD) in 2012 with a net profit of a whopping 7.6 bil. KRW (approx. 7.6 million USD).

According to edaily, Hana Green Special Purpose Acquisition Co is structured so that venture capitals and SMEs can easily enter the KOSDAQ market.

SundayToz to be listed on the 5 months from now on, on the October 30th. The merger ratio was 1:13.0386326.

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