beSUCCESS 3 Morning Reads [28. May]
5월 28, 2013

1. Comic XKCD Nails Google Glass Critics (Especially Congress)
"'Maybe before we rush to adopt Google Glass, we should stop to consider the consequences of blithely giving this technology such a central position in our lives.' Don't have any insights about a technology? Just use this sentence! It makes you sound wise and you can say it about virtually anything."

2. Samsung Briefly Posts Galaxy S4 Mini On Its Apps Site, Adding New Credence To A Summer Release
Nice & short read about how rumours of Galaxy S4 Mini's summer launch was confirmed.

3. Apple’s Problem Isn’t Skeuomorphism, It’s Services
A rather biased article, but still a decent read. Compares Apple's app features with those of Google. The article mentioned Samsung once - for "getting services" without elaboration - you know what this means. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the comments. Popcorn anyone?



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