Korean Mobile Operators Help Predict Future Global Trends
2013 3월 4

Korean mobile operators with their cutting edge technology are seen as predictors of future global mobile trends.

Google’s Android Global Partnerships Senior Director, John Lagerling said in an interview with The Korea Times. This was at the Mobile World Congress (MWC). He said:

“LTE (long-term evolution) is growing incredibly fast in Korea. So all of the positive things and requests I get from the likes of KT, SK Telecom and LG Uplus is usually the indicator of what was going to come from other operators of the world. It’s well worth spending time [in Korea].

Needless to say, the profile of Korean carriers has increased significantly since 2011 when LTE networks were set up.

KT and SK Telecom have both received numerous awards for their technology.

Lagerling makes monthly visits to Korea to strengthen ties with local partners, manufacturers and app and game developers who are using Google’s Android operating system (OS) as a platform to go abroad. “I spend a good amount of time in Korea and for good reasons… Android is big in Korea and Korea is also big in Android [because] it is extremely well catered for those in need” he told the media.

He emphasized the strong affection Google has towards Korea; it is the home to some of the vendors of its OS.

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