Galaxy S4 To Be Launched On March 14
2013 3월 13

Galaxy S4 will be launched and have its first public appearance in New York City tomorrow (March 14) - fans of Samsung and the Galaxy lineup, get yourselves ready!

It's been less than a year since the Galaxy S3 was launched - but the hype for S4 has  been building up for such a long time that for some, the S4 may actually feel and seem old. Photos of Galaxy S4 has already been leaked as follows. Rumours of S4 have been circulating since the launch of S3 - that is to say, almost immediately after the S3, people were already anticipating what the S4 would look and feel like.

According to rumors, it will have a bigger 4.99-inch Super AMOLED screen that was spotted at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier on this year. So, the S4 will be slightly bigger than the 4.8-inch S3.

Jelly Bean will still be the Android platform. It will have the Exynos 5 Octa eight-core processor, making the S4 a useful and at the same time powerful device.

Also, eye tracking may also be embedded - the screen would automatically scroll with the movement of eyes.

Will the history of smartphones be re-written once again? What are the implications for the Chinese smartphone handset makers?

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