beGLOBAL 2015 Startup Battle Q-Prize Increases to $250,000 – Deadline For Applications Extended to April 6th
2015 3월 31


The Qualcomm Q-Prize, to be awarded at this year's beGLOBAL 2015 Startup Battle, has been increased to a hefty $250,000. In light of this major change, we have extended out the deadline for applications to April 6th to give startups a bit more time to refine their applications and get through the first round of screening.

Last year's startup battle saw 112 startups apply. This year's startup battle will be tighter, more focused and the barrier to entry will be higher.

Startups putting in your applications, please keep this in mind. We want to see your best.

Hope to see you at this year's conference and the best of luck to all applicants. ^_^

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Leland is an avid startupaholic and programmer living and working in Seoul with beSuccess. He's worked as a co-founder before (Pickple Communications) as well as teaching English and marketing to businesses in the past.

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