Training Your Mind with Pacoware’s Puzzle Art
1월 7, 2019

Puzzles have always been a great learning tool for children in their developing years. From simple knob puzzles to cutouts that fit into the corresponding blocks or jigsaw puzzles, all have been there. The puzzle games help in building three basic skills; physical, cognitive and emotional. These skills form the building blocks for the well-rounded personality of a child.

According to neuroplasticity theories, brains constantly adapt and evolve to stimuli in our environments and puzzle games offer a great way to improve brain development. A child also learns hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, shape recognition, problem-solving, setting goals, and patience.

Creative offering by Pacoware

AniBlock, one of the puzzle art games by Pacoware, is a creative puzzle art game of making shapes by using polyomino blocks and play boards according to the given patterns. This helps children learn the following education values-

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Overall cognitive skills
  • Logical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Concentrations
  • Problem-solving skills

Besides the basic skill development, the blocks game can be utilized for creating letters and numbers so the toddlers can learn as they play. The blocks are colorful and extendable so puzzle can be enjoyed in unlimited ways by using different color blocks and dedicated boards which can be joined in four directions.

The puzzle is available for both toddlers and preschool children. The Aniblock puzzle art from Pacoware can help toddlers, i.e., aged 18 months and older, to improve their fine motor skills. They can easily make basic figures and simple pictorial patterns by using 4 different color blocks on a single play board.

Similarly, preschool kids, aged 36 months and older, can play with these puzzles to improve their concentration, sociality, and cognitive ability. High-level patterns can be made by using 6 types of color blocks.

Intuitive guiding patterns

The puzzle patterns are such that infants and babies can complete the puzzles without the help of parents. Pacoware uses its patented technology in building these games.

Augmented reality-based puzzles

The play guide given with puzzles is like reality so it can meet the eye-levels of infants and babies. Since AR-based technology is used, it becomes easier for players to have at-a-glance views of the processes in which patterns can be completed with virtual blocks.

Excellent 3D contents

When the puzzles are completed according to the patterns, the AR contents appear to increase the fun of the block-game thus providing innovative motivation for providing a range of educational values.

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