Lollicam: The favourite app for Video-Selfie lovers; created by Korean startup
1월 9, 2019

Lollicam, the real-time mobile video application developed by a Korean startup, is leading the market for Video-Selfies. Lollicam became the number one app among selfie-lovers at the time of its launch in 2015. Now, the free app is garnering more fans with millions of downloads from across the globe.

Have a selfie with bunny ears or groove under a disco-ball

Lollicam has been developed by an efficient team at Seerslab. It is an original app that introduced face-tracking stickers and cinematic effects for selfie-video-editing purpose. The concepts have now been adopted by companies like Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

The app takes an entirely new approach called “pre-processing” which enables the user to create and edit videos simultaneously. The “pre-processing” tool combined with the new face-tracking technologies and VFX with numerous stickers and cinematic effects, enables users to easily create unique photos and movie-like videos and share them with their families and friends with no effort.

Lollicam offers great filters, effects, and stickers so users can create an animated GIF easily and share it.  Users get free lifetime cloud storage that will never run out of space. These videos can then be uploaded to sites like Vine or Snapchat. There are over 40 video filters, 400 stickers, and effects, face beautifying filter, Cinemagraph – a hybrid of photo and video, location-based sticker, etc. to select from on Lollicam.

The user can be as creative as he or she wants and even produce a small film for their Facebook Messenger or Snapchat pals. According to a media report, Lollicam has been downloaded over 10 million times and its primary consumer base is young people and teenage girls.

Creating a niche in the AR, MR content market

Seerslab, the startup that developed Lollicam has a base in Palo Alto, California. The startup is a media technology and content provider for Augmented Reality(AR) and Mixed Reality-based (MR) content to global smartphone and application makers. Seerslab is the AR contents partner for Samsung, providing a variety of AR stickers and effects on the default camera of the Samsung Galaxy smartphone series. In 2016, Facebook announced in the F8 Developer Conference that Lollicam is one of their beta partners for creations of fun and personalized Facebook profile videos with stickers and effects.

Seerslab has also created technology and solutions for face recognition, face detection and tracking, 3D AR and Depth AR, real-time segmentation and real-time beautification, all designed to work on a number of smartphones and devices like TV, kiosks, web, etc. In May 2018, Seerslab introduced its new AR-Content ARGEAR in the USA at the AWE Conference in Santa Clara, CA.

“Seerslab is proud to help application developers around the world to easily adopt the AR technology and content on its application by providing them with its all-in-one ARGEAR platform,” Michael Chong, the CEO and Founder of Seerslab stated. In future, Seerslab intends to add more AR content by collaborating with Hollywood and global studios. The startup will also provide advanced features for Lollicam, the premium product of the startup.

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