SangBong Suh, the head of Smilegate Orange Farm center, helps Korean startups to go to China

If a person comes for the profit goes for another profit, a person bows for a power searches for another powerful men. Only the person comes for the mind lasts forever.” – from “The Rise of…

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The Korean Gaming Industry Doesn’t Stick Out As One That Needs Support… But They’re Getting It

According to an article on Business Korea, the Korean government is planning to invest at least $209 million USD over the next five years to promote the growth of the game industry. This comes in a…

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China’s Tencent Opens Its Doors To Korean Gaming Comapnies

We reported recently that Chinese investors have been making inroads into Korea. Now we are seeing the first signs of what fruits those investments are likely to bear. As reported by Business Korea, Korean gaming companies…

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Korean Gaming Heavyweight, Smilegate, Buys $112 million stake in Sundaytoz, Becomes Biggest Share Holder

Smilegate, Korea-based maker of online games, has just announced a $112 million buyout of 20% of Sundaytoz’ stock in a move that makes the company behind global success, Crossfire, the largest stake holder. Smilegate is one of…

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