Smart Big-Screen Game Maker ‘CSP Media’ Aims For Europe Market

Korean game contents maker ‘CSP Media’ with its purpose to enter the European market, is producing big screen games in 2016 Cebit Hannover. CSP Media game solution connects user’s smartphones with a smart TV (including TV with OTT…

341일 전
Samsung & LG Battling at CES Next Gen. Smart Gadgets

South Korea’s tech giants are battling it out at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, promoting their cutting-edge “smart” products. A total of 3,200 global players will showcase at one of the largest…

1146일 전
Can Samsung’s Next Gen. Smart TVs answer Consumer Frustration?

54Million Smart TVs were sold in 2012. but many consumers were non-fussed with the usability of many of the new features and globally only about 60% of internet ready TVs were ever connected (only 10% regularly connected in Europe). Can Samsung attract better usability reviews with its new products?

  ·  1510일 전
What the Hell do I do with my SMART TV? LG Addresses Low Internet Connection Rates with Embedded Games.

Despite 54 million SMART TV sales in 2012 less than a third of consumers connect to the internet each week. blame has been levelled against manufacturers for not simplifying usage enough, and connectivity with preipherals (game consols, DVD players, etc) still drives non-TV specific engagement. Does LG have the answer?

1515일 전