BeyondK, a Hallyu based MCN star promotion program, has been launched.

  BeyondK, a Hallyu based MCN star promotion program, has been launched. BeyoundK is a program which plans and creates contents for Hallyu based global creators. It is a one-stop program cooperated by GoodTimeWithMe(KBEAT) and Wish Company,…

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Union Invests into Korean beauty MCN startup Leferi

Leferi Beauty Channel, a popular beauty MCN in Asia has secured a US$822k (KRW 1b) investment from Union Investment Partners. Driving the investment deal was the global trend for video contents. In the Asian market, popular video…

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Gaming MCN Kongdoo Company receives further investment of $3.1m

Kongdoo Company, specializing in game MCN has succeeded in attaining a follow up Series B investment of US3.1m (KRW 3.6b) from Stic Investment, K Cube Ventures and Partner Investments. This investment comes within three months of…

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MCN startup ‘Makeus’ secure US$17m investment from 4 venture capitals

Makeus, a Multi Channel Network startup has successfully secured the largest Korean investment into MCN (Multi Channel Network) in recent news. The investment totaling US$17.4 (KRW 20b) has been provided by venture capital companies DSC Investment,…

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Joint investment by K Cube Venture and Partners Investment of US$1.7m into game MCN specialist startup, Kong Doo Company.

On the 6th, the joint investment was confirmed between K Cube Ventures, a specialist investor into internet, mobile and technology and Partners Investment. The investment is into a game company Kong Doo Company which specializes in…

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