‘Park Here’, the Pioneer in Innovating Urban Parking

In hotel industry, there is a rather clear ceiling for their revenues; when the rooms are all booked out, it’s pretty much it. There might be some cash inflows from F&B and other event-related revenues such…

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File Sharing Service ‘Send Anywhere’ nabs $6M Series A from Rakuten Ventures

Estmob Inc’s Send Anywhere , the leader in cross-platform file sharing, announced this week that it closed a $6 million Series A round lead by Saemin Ahn of Rakuten Ventures. This deal comes on the heels of…

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Meet WAY, a chic and compact device for your skin

This article ‘Meet WAY, a chic and compact device for your skin’ was originally published by e27’s Elaine Huang Having seen it in person, WAY is chic, compact and combines data from sensors to provide pollution, weather and…

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James Jung of beSUCCESS sheds light on Korean startup opportunities

beSUCCESS is doing for Korea what Tech in Asia is doing for other parts of Asia. The company is an online media about startups and tech investments in Korea. It introduces new Korean ventures to a global audience through its media…

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beSUCCESS Talks With Tapjoy & 5Rocks About Their Recent Merger, And Ongoing Integration

  “The Core of Mobile Advertising is Demand Estimation” Tapjoy, the company that recently acquired 5Rocks talked with a beSUCCESS editor about their first jointly produced product. In August this year mobile game analytics company 5Rocks…

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Healthcare Wearables Startup YBRAIN, From Seoul, Raises $3.5M In Series A Funding

Healthcare wearables startup Ybrain announced today it closed on $3.5 million in Series A funding in a round led by Stonebridge Capital bringing company’s total raise to $4.2 million. The Korea-based startup, founded in Feb 2013…

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A Team of Korean Neuroscientists and Engineers Develops Wearable Tech To Combat Effects of Alzheimers

A team of Korean Engineers, PhD-level Neuro-scientists and ex-Googlers is taking on one of the most feared brain diseases we face in the modern age. Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) kills around 500,000 each year and the cost…

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25 Year Old Korean Startup CEO Nets $2.5M Investment To Connect Fashion Addicts to Retailers

StyleShare CEO Jayoung Yoon is only 25 years old, but has built a formidable fashion and style platform and has just secured a further $2.5M to expand her vision globally. This series B investment from LB…

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Korean Startup, Korbit’s Secret Sauce in Raising $400k from Silicon Valley Dream Team of Investors

Supported by President Park’s effort to foster a Korean creative economy, a deluge of cash flooded into the Korean startup ecosystem in 2013. Including many conferences hosted by the government-affiliated organizations, countless programs to assist startups…

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Korean Startup Enkino is chasing the next frontier of advertising – smartphone homescreens

Post written by Terence Lee at TechInAsia: Facebook is perhaps the most engaging app in the world, with 1.15 billion monthly active users and a staggering average daily usage of 20 minutes. But if there’s something people look…

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Korean Startup Easyworks Universe Wants You To Share Your Portfolio With Visumé

Visumé is a new kind of resume and portfolio management tool with a visual and mobile approach. Whilst LinkedIn is stiff and rigid, Visumé targets a more creative audience, namely designers and artists. In times of…

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MyRealTrip – The AirBnB of Travel Tours

Don’t want to follow a boring tour guide with a white flag guiding you to boring and overcrowded tourist spots? myRealTrip is an open marketplace for local guides and travellers that offers authentic customized guide services….

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Malang Studio Clinches Second Place At Mobile App Competition In China

One of the leading app developers in Korea, Malang Studio, won second place at the 2013 National Mobile Application Competition held August 24-25 in Beijing, China. Malang Studio was the only non-Chinese finalist and winner at…

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Buddy Up Gamifies Your Social Diary

Buddy Up is a diary and journal service for users in their teens or early twenties. Unlike other diary services, Buddy Up offers a more gamified service that leads to fun and unexpected excitement when using….

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Korean Startup WePlanet Reinventing The Age Old Journal

Is your old high school journal sitting in a bookshelf collecting dust, never to be written in again? Although some people might like the novelty of handwriting their journal, WePlanet is looking to bring the classic…

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Between: A SNS Just For You And Your Significant Other From Korean Startup VCNC Takes On The Asian Market

Don’t want to be one of THOSE couples? You know the sort, always sending cute messages to each other’s Facebook wall, cluttering your newsfeed with annoying content that really should only be between the two lovebirds….

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Korean Startup Malang Studio Gamifying Alarms For Global Success

Could such a mundane and boring daily routine such as turning off your alarm and getting up in the morning be fun and engaging? Malang Studio, the creators of AlarmMon think so. AlarmMon is a gamified…

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This Week’s Startup – Frograms

This Week’s Startup – Frograms   Frograms <Watcha>   Yes, We are “Crazy”- Frograms “We believe that best company is where you have best co-workers. We always try to be best co-workers to each other. We are…

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