With $1.5 Million Investment, Korean Startup Smile Mom Launches Mobile Community For Moms

Originally posted on TechCrunch Moms feeling guilty about baby-spamming Facebook with their child’s photos and their every precious moment now have a more private alternative for those updates, thanks to a new mobile social network called…

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Korea’s No. 1 Tech Startup Event From beSUCCESS is Open! Join beLAUNCH 2014, May 14-15 2014 in Seoul

beSUCCESS, Korean startup media organization, events organizer, and global connector is happy to officially announce that their flagship startup event, beLAUNCH, is back in 2014 in a year that is already heating up to be one…

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Korean Bitcoin Startup Korbit Gets $400k in Funding from Dream Team of Silicon Valley Investors

It has never happened before that a Korean startup has been able to secure early stage funding ($400k in this case) from such a high profile Silicon Valley investor line-up. The news that Korbit has achieved…

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Toward A ‘Virtuous Circle’: Government Supporting Startup and Venture Ecosystem

With the government’s measures to create a virtuous circle out of the start-up and venture ecosystem in full swing this year, there is growing anticipation that this year will be the first year of the second…

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Korea’s Tech Start-ups Report Improved Results Last Year

According to a recent report Korea’s tech start-ups enjoyed positive growth in sales, operating profits and net profits alike in 2013, which will give President Park’s government a boost as they conclude their first year in…

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Mobile Couple App Between Hits 5 Million Downloads, Releases Version 2.0 As Part Of Global Expansion Strategy

South Korea, 20 December 2013 – Leading mobile couple application, Between, today announced that it has crossed the 5 million global downloads milestone. This announcement comes together with the launch of Between 2.0, the first major…

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Korea’s Drive Towards A Creative Economy Explained

Since the election of President Park earlier this year The Korean Government has embarked on an ambitious and expensive crusade to bring innovation to the fore of the Korean economy and to encourage a retreat from…

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Five Essential News Bites From The Korean Startup Scene This Week

K-Cube Ventures invests $500M won in Mobile Beauty Content Company “Seed Paper” Seed paper shares practical beauty tips for its users through its mobile lifestyle content platform. The service is linked KakaoTalk Plus Friend, which is…

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Simnik – The Education Service That Wants To Disrupt The Stagnant Education System

Disruptive technology is re-shaping most parts of our life, whether it’d be how we consume media, order taxis, handle our personal finances or drive our cars. Now it seems like the education market is set to…

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Tips For Low Budget Marketing Activities For Promoting A PrelaunchStartup

I recently offered some marketing tips to a startup wishing to promote their company in the pre-launch phase, and wanted to share these tips with our beSUCCESS readers. Enjoy, and leave comments at the bottom if…

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Korean Startup Easyworks Universe Wants You To Share Your Portfolio With Visumé

Visumé is a new kind of resume and portfolio management tool with a visual and mobile approach. Whilst LinkedIn is stiff and rigid, Visumé targets a more creative audience, namely designers and artists. In times of…

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MyRealTrip – The AirBnB of Travel Tours

Don’t want to follow a boring tour guide with a white flag guiding you to boring and overcrowded tourist spots? myRealTrip is an open marketplace for local guides and travellers that offers authentic customized guide services….

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Buddy Up Gamifies Your Social Diary

Buddy Up is a diary and journal service for users in their teens or early twenties. Unlike other diary services, Buddy Up offers a more gamified service that leads to fun and unexpected excitement when using….

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Bb – A New Feature Packed Video Sharing App From Korean Startup AHIKU

With Vine and Instagram dominating the image and video sharing market, is there enough room for another player? Korean startup AHIKU thinks their app Bb has a chance. But with a plethora of photo and video…

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Robotic Pet Care From Korean Startup SinglePet Could Break New Ground For Pet Owners

Stuck at work doing overtime, and not able to get home to feed your pet? No need to worry, just pick up your smartphone and at the press of a button you’re able to dispense food…

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Korean Startup WePlanet Reinventing The Age Old Journal

Is your old high school journal sitting in a bookshelf collecting dust, never to be written in again? Although some people might like the novelty of handwriting their journal, WePlanet is looking to bring the classic…

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Between: A SNS Just For You And Your Significant Other From Korean Startup VCNC Takes On The Asian Market

Don’t want to be one of THOSE couples? You know the sort, always sending cute messages to each other’s Facebook wall, cluttering your newsfeed with annoying content that really should only be between the two lovebirds….

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TIDE Institute: A non-profit to support entrepreneurship in Korea, inspired by Singularity University

TIDE (which stands for Technology Imagination Design Entrepreneurship) Institute is a non-profit organization supporting entrepreneurship and tech-based startups in Korea. TIDE Institute has various initiatives and programs to encourage and support entrepreneurs. The four main initiatives of…

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