Korea launches ‘Startup Campus’ in Pangyo

South Korea opened its largest startup complex near Seoul on Tuesday as part of its efforts to boost promising local startups and attract foreign companies. The “startup campus” in Pangyo, just south of Seoul, is designed to…

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Korean Government Geeks Bearing Gifts

Cautious optimism abounds across Korea’s fast-growing startup scene. Following a national policy shift that has recognized the realities and opportunities of the present age, Korean entrepreneurial talent is finally receiving the level of public sector support…

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Korea Rising: The 3 Pillars of Korea’s Startup Ecosystem

Editor’s note:  Senior Director Corporate Development at Baedal Minjok There is no doubt that Korea is in a revolutionary moment. In my last post, “Korea Rising”, I illustrated the unique position Korea is currently in. Leaving…

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The Korean Gaming Industry Doesn’t Stick Out As One That Needs Support… But They’re Getting It

According to an article on Business Korea, the Korean government is planning to invest at least $209 million USD over the next five years to promote the growth of the game industry. This comes in a…

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Korean Government Plans Easing of Fintech and IoT Regulations To Encourage Growth

As reported by Business Korea, the  Korean government recently announced that it plans to relax regulations on new innovation-driven industries, including as financial technology (fintech) and the Internet of Things (IoT). This is a positive regulatory signal…

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KakaoTalk Answers User Concerns Over Privacy, Adds ‘Secret Chat’ Function

Perhaps in response to user concerns around privacy, Daum Kakao has just introduced ‘Secret Chat’ mode and ‘Decline Invites’ features for their KakaoTalk messenger, adding a higher level of privacy to the service. The new features…

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Is The Korean Government Doing Too Much in Support Of Entrepreneurship?

“We look forward to another success story with startups here in Daejon,” said President Park Geun-hye during a ceremony to launch yet another innovation center in Korea. While government support for Korean startups has been impressive,…

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$1 Billion Invested In Startups As Corporates and Government Rally Behind Entrepreneurship

Sources in the Goverment have confirmed that a total of around $1 billion was invested in startups in the first nine months of the year. This represents a 9.5% increase from a year earlier. The number of…

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New Global Strategies Required For Korea To Realize Opportunities In ICT

For as much as the last fifteen years Korea has been emerging as one of the front-runners in global tech innovation, but has failed time and time again to capitalize fully on the opportunities. Smartphones, 4G…

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Korean Government To Turn Its Back On Microsoft… And Use What Instead, Hangul?

As has been reported widely in Asia, South Korea is using the fact that Windows XP is no longer supported as a reason to walk away from Microsoft completely. While the rational for this stance makes sense; updating to new versions…

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Korea’s Pivotal Moment As Entrepreneurship Takes Centre Stage

In January in Davos, Switzerland, South Korea’s first female President, Park Geun-Hye pushed forward with a multi-billion “Creative Economy” policy. Although Korea has seen a great rise in GDP and living conditions in the Quickly They…

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South Korean Startup Support Gets Mixed Reception

Published on the Wall Street Journal, February 11 2013 First Year Raises Efficacy Concerns; Government Says Project Continues to Improve In the past year, the South Korean government has sponsored a raft of overseas programs to…

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Toward A ‘Virtuous Circle’: Government Supporting Startup and Venture Ecosystem

With the government’s measures to create a virtuous circle out of the start-up and venture ecosystem in full swing this year, there is growing anticipation that this year will be the first year of the second…

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Korean Government to promote Software Innovation in Key Domestic Industries in 2014

In 2014 The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) will a role out a raft of mid-to long-term software projects to bolster a number of domestic strategic industries. This will be achieved by developing 100 key…

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Kakao, Government, Startups: What Will 2013 Have In Store For Korea?

We wrote previously about the current situation in the South Korean startup ecosystem. We said that the global startup capital is declining whereas the Korean venture world is seeing more fundings, more startups, and more enthusiasm….

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Korea’s Startup Scene Still Growing Fast

Korea is still seeing some immense growth. According to the Korean Venture Capital Association, venture capital firms in Korea raised $191 million in the first quarter this year, up slightly from $189  million in 2012. Interestingly, there…

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