At today’s fourth game in the Google DeepMind Challenge Match, the best Go player of the last decade, Lee Sedol, came back from three consecutive losses to beat the Go-playing computer program, AlphaGo. Playing as white,…

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SMATOOS Recognised by RedHerring As One of 2014’s Most Audacious Technology Companies

Korean EdTech startup SMATOOS, announced today that it has been selected as a candidate for Red Herring’s 2014 Top 100 Global award, a prestigious recognition honoring the year’s most audacious and far-reaching private technology companies and…

831일 전
Seoul’s Third Startup Grind A Huge Success, Next Up Alvin Foo (Ex-Head of Mobile for Google China)

“It’s all about hiring the right person!” stated Jake  Park, CEO of Value Creators & Company, VCNC, for short. VCNC is a Korean mobile application and internet services company that develops “Between,” a mobile social-networking application…

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As Google Commits To New Seoul Campus And Overseas Interest Intensifies Samsung Remains Absent From Local Scene

Google, on an international mission to rapidly connect with the global startup community, has recently announced that it will open a startup campus in Seoul, Korea next year. This comes at a time when Korean entrepreneurs are beginning…

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Another One Bites The Dust: Groupon, Another Global Tech Corporation Plans Exit From Korea

Groupon recently announced liquidation of all assets of Groupon Korea, and a plan to focus all its efforts to promote its recent acquisition Ticket Monster (TMON) in Asia’s third largest e-commerce market. Groupon now joins the…

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Shifting Tides: The Korean Portal Market in Flux as Naver Eats Daum, and Nate (and Google Emerges)

Between 1997 and 2001, 3 web portal giants were born in Korea in a mini .com boom that mirrored similar in the west. Daum, Naver and Nate utilized the incredible IT infrastructure that had been built…

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Google Lends Its Name To Korean Mobile Start-ups To Avoid Costly ‘Kakao Tax’(UPDATE: Not True)

A Google spokesperson has reached out to TechInAsia who also posted this news, and pointed out that “it hasn’t done or offered any of the things described in this post.” References  were initially sourced from ZDnet…

1085일 전
Google is Actually Doing Well In Korea, Catching Up To Local Players In Ad Revenue

Google, which has been relatively slow in expanding its market presence in South Korea, is now fast catching up to local rivals in display Ad sales (one segment of online advertising), according to industry sources. This…

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Asian Chat Apps, Like Kakao Talk, Look Likely To Upset The Global Tech Establishment

Reuters: Asian chat services KakaoTalk, LINE and WeChat threaten to overturn the mobile order of things, usurping the role of Google Inc, Apple Inc, Inc, Facebook Inc and telecoms carriers as gatekeeper to the consumer. Where these internet and telecoms giants…

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LG Aims For No. 3 Global Smartphone Spot in 2014, Unveils G Pro 2

With the launch of a large-screen smartphone-tablet hybrid on Thursday, LG Electronics is attempting to achieve an ambitious goal:  regain the No. 3 spot in the global smartphone market place. It may be a long shot. Last month, Chinese…

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Google Korea Searches for Deep Truths About its Poor Showing, and finds Answers?

I have published a number of stories about Google, Naver and Daum, the not so fair battle-ground of Korean internet, but this piece is also very worth while sharing, as it goes into great depth about…

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Amazon Set To Battle It Out With Korean E-Commerce Channels in 2014

It was recently reported that Amazon plans to enter the Korean e-commerce market in 2014, potentially posing a major threat to existing domestic services and promising to further globalize the online shopping experience that has until…

1140일 전
Naver & Daum Self-Administer Financial Punishment For Abusing Market Position

Naver and Daum have made a tentative decision to shell out millions of dollars as a form of self-penance for abusing their market dominance in Korea’s internet portal industry, according to the Fair Trade Commission yesterday….

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Korea Stumbling Towards Monopolistic Situation In Internet Search – Google Nowhere To Be Seen

The Background For those who don’t know it, the internet situation in South Korea is very different from what you might expect. Most impressively, Google, only claims around a 2% share of the search market. So…

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What’s Up In Korea This Week? [29. May]

*Remember folks, Wednesdays are your ‘Weekly News’ day! Cymera Tops 20mil. In Downloads So Cymera is kind of a big deal now – they just topped 20 mil. in downloads. We wrote about this earlier (maybe…

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beSUCCESS 3 Morning Reads [29. May]

Howdy world citizens! Here are some morning reads for you today, good-to-go either on a train, a bus, over a cereal bowl (or another bowl, if you know what I mean)… whatever you desire, I supply…

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Will Samsung Be The First To Release Tizen Phones? On The Samsung-Google Alliance

Samsung has developed to become the world’s biggest handset maker since the introduction of its Galaxy S smartphone series equipped with Google’s Android mobile operating platform. In contrast with Apple’s iOS, Samsung strengthened its partnership with Google for the Android mobile operating system which boasted being open platform. However, it seems that things may change with the demand for an improved variety of mobile platforms from handset manufacturers as well as mobile carriers.

  ·  1429일 전
Korean Mobile Operators Help Predict Future Global Trends

The likes of KT, SK Telecom and LG Uplus are the indicator of what was going to come from other operators of the world. Korean mobile operators have become the measurement for deciphering global trends. Needless to say, the profile of Korean carriers has increased significantly since 2011 when LTE networks were set up.

  ·  1451일 전
Samsung Invests In OpenX, Creator Of Private Mobile Exchange Platform

Recently, Samsung Venture Investment led a Series E investment round totaling US$ 22.5 million with a software provider, Open X Software Ltd, the creator of Samsung’s private mobile exchange platform. The investment aimed to enable ‘the global expansion of the company’, especially into mobile, as it competes with rivals such as search giant Google.

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[Weekly News] What’s up in Korea? (9. Jan)

beSUCCESS covers weekly news in Korea, 9 Jan.

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