Smart Big-Screen Game Maker ‘CSP Media’ Aims For Europe Market

Korean game contents maker ‘CSP Media’ with its purpose to enter the European market, is producing big screen games in 2016 Cebit Hannover. CSP Media game solution connects user’s smartphones with a smart TV (including TV with OTT…

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K Cube Venture invests into Korean mobile game developer Affinity

2nd December 2015 – K Cube Ventures, investment specialists in mobile, internet and technology have invested US$690k (KRW 800m) into mobile game developer Affinity. Affinity is the developer of mobile game Historia. The Affinity team were…

453일 전
Kakao needs a new revenue stream, plans to expand into delivery service

Kakao Corp. (KOSDAQ 035720) today reported third quarter financial results under Korean-IFRS. Kakao’s consolidated revenue for the quarter was KRW 229.6 billion with mobile businesses making up 56%. For the third quarter, Kakao focused on actively…

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K Cube Ventures invests into first person shooting game developer, Saltlab

K Cube Ventures, which specializes in investments into mobile, internet and technology companies confirmed on the 13th of October an investment of US1.7m (KRW 2b) into Saltlab a first person shooting game developer. Saltlab was formed in…

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Korean startup Buff Studio secures investment from NCSoft

On the 15th September, Korean startup and game development company Buff Studio confirmed an investment of US$420k (KRW 500m) had been received from NC Soft. Buff Studio is the creator of the popular action and RPG…

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Essential Data for Global App Developers, Eyeing Up The Lucrative Japan And Korea Markets

Japan and Korea present amazing opportunities for app developers, but fierce competition and unique characteristics means local knowledge and a finely tuned entry strategy is a must. This article aims to uncover some of the truths to help you succeed.

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Samsung is Hiring To Grow Its Gaming Department

Samsung is recruiting people for 3 areas: game planning, 2D/3D design, and Server Client developments in the Samsung group. There were no confirmed reports about what segment of the gaming industry Samsung would enter. It will be interesting to watch the entry of this technology giant into the gaming industry.

  ·  1589일 전
Gaming Regulation to battle Addiction in South Korea – Justified or Overreaching?

South Korea’s smartphone users have reached 30 million in August 2012 and there is a noticeably quick shift from web-based to mobile-based games in the gaming industry. Recently, the Ministry of Equal Opportunity and Family offered a very vague regulation guidance for a ‘shutdown’ law and has faced criticism due to its ambiguity. South Korea’s government has tried to battle gaming addiction after a series of cardiopulmonary-related deaths and a game-related murders. But many people criticize the measure and question in which the policy prevents young gamers from addiction.

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