Korean Startups Are Targeting the Next Generation of Wearables
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Wearables gained huge popularity during 2015 with high-profile releases such as the Apple Watch and Pebble Time bringing wearables truly into the mass consciousness. Wearables are now high demand items and are on course to be one of the biggest tech trends of 2016. While early wearables were often criticised as useless accessories for tech geeks, in 2015 we saw the first popular applications make their way into everyday life and gain…

Korean Startup ‘Fluenty’ Launched TALKEY, A Reply Suggestion AI for Smartwatches
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November 5th, 2015 (Seoul, Republic of Korea) – A study last fall from Tecmark reported that the average smartphone owner checks their phone 221 times per day. The promise of devices like smartwatches is to reduce the number of those engagements. A new mobile app aims to simplifying replies to text messages, one of the most commonly used features of smartphones. TALKEY allows users to keep their smartphones in their pockets by…