Korean startup Smatoos receives strategic investment from Miraeen Publishing

Smatoos, the operator of BeNative Pro, an online business English and Chinese teaching service has secured a strategic investment from Miraeen, an educational content publisher and strategic investment company. BeNative Pro is a service teaching and…

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How these 5 Korean startups are removing language barriers through technology to go global

In Korea, like in many countries where English is not the lingua franca, there is an especially large gap when it comes to having the right words for an international audience. This language barrier comes in…

363일 전
This Korean Startup Brings Computer Science Education Into The Digtal Age

The programming and Software education market is booming in Korea. Starting from next year, domestic software education will become mandatory for middle school students, and by 2018 it will become part of the national curriculum for…

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Simnik – The Education Service That Wants To Disrupt The Stagnant Education System

Disruptive technology is re-shaping most parts of our life, whether it’d be how we consume media, order taxis, handle our personal finances or drive our cars. Now it seems like the education market is set to…

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