‘Park Here’, the Pioneer in Innovating Urban Parking

In hotel industry, there is a rather clear ceiling for their revenues; when the rooms are all booked out, it’s pretty much it. There might be some cash inflows from F&B and other event-related revenues such…

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KakaoTalk Introduces In-chat Search Feature, KakaoTalk #Search!

Daum Kakao Corp., provider of Korea’s number one messaging app KakaoTalk, today announced the official launch of #Search (pronounced ‘sharp search’) and Channel for KakaoTalk. #Search allows users to search and share information directly from the…

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Daum Kakao Acquires Popular Social Network Path As Part of its Global

Daum Kakao Corp., a leading mobile lifestyle platform provider, today announced a definitive agreement to acquire Path as part of the company’s global expansion efforts. The acquisition will take form in Daum Kakao carrying out an…

606일 전
KakaoTalk Answers User Concerns Over Privacy, Adds ‘Secret Chat’ Function

Perhaps in response to user concerns around privacy, Daum Kakao has just introduced ‘Secret Chat’ mode and ‘Decline Invites’ features for their KakaoTalk messenger, adding a higher level of privacy to the service. The new features…

777일 전
DaumKakao Launches Korea’s First Mobile Money Transfer Service

Daum Kakao has finally launched its mobile money service, BankWalletKakao, a service allows users to spend up to $450 per day and transfer up to $90 per day. A number of other major players are likely…

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