Five of Kakao’s Daum Webtoon Titles to Appear on Chinese Screens through Partnership with Huace Group

Kakao today announced that it partnered with Huace Group, China’s number one comprehensive film and TV media group, to bring five of its popular Daum Webtoon titles to the screens in China. Kakao and Huace group…

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Daum Kakao invests into Korean fintech startup Dunamu for mobile stock services

On the 15th September, Daum Kakao revealed an investment of  US$2.5m(KRW 3b) into Dunamu which provides a mobile social portfolio investment service. The deal includes a strategic business agreement between the two companied to jointly provide a…

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RedTable a data analysis company for restaurants, secures investments worth US$930k

RedTable is a Korean startup providing data analysis services for restaurants.  It was first established by a group of masters and doctorates from the Sae Jong University, Department of Hotel and Tourism.  Recently RedTable secured investments to…

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Daumkakao Buys Smart Alarm Note Startup ‘Kids Note’

Daumkakao announced the announcement for their buyout of ‘Kids Note’, a smart alarm notification service for daycare services. Daumkakao now owns 100% of the share and Kids Note became the subsidiary company. Kids Note is a…

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DaumKakao Launches Korea’s First Mobile Money Transfer Service

Daum Kakao has finally launched its mobile money service, BankWalletKakao, a service allows users to spend up to $450 per day and transfer up to $90 per day. A number of other major players are likely…

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Contentious Political Leanings and News Of A Successful Merger: A day In The Life Of Korea’s Top Messenger

One does not normally associate tech M&As with political strife. But the left leaning Daum and right leaning Kakao are facing exactly these issues on the day they announce their successful merger. Daum is Korea’s second largest…

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Meet The Ten Billion Dollar Companies That Make Up The Korean Unicorn Club

Last December, Aileen Lee from Cowboy Ventures, identified 39 software startups that have reached valuations of over $1 Billion, and grouped them under the moniker of The Unicorn Club, in her landmark TechCrunch post. Since then,…

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Rumours of a Line Corp. Public Listing Intensify on Information Leaked by ‘Insiders’

After a period of rampant speculations it has been reported that Line Corp.,which now boasts almost half a billion users, has filed confidentially for an initial offering in the U.S. It is expected that the company…

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Korea’s Entrepreneurs Garner Global Validation As Local ‘Startup’ Valuations Soar Into The Billions

This article was co-authored by Alan McGlade (Digital Entertainment Ventures) and Nathan Millard (beSUCCESS) and appeared on Forbes on July 18 2014. As little as five years ago Korea’s startup scene was undistinguished, but now the…

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Microsoft Lining Itself Up For Failure In The Tough Korean Search Market

Microsoft recently announced that it intends to fully enter the Korean internet search market later this year. This does not seem wise in a market that has been utterly dominated by Korean players for over a…

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Kakao-Daum – The Next Big Thing From Korea?

I have been following the story of Kakao Corp closely over the last two years and its been an interesting ride so far, due to get much more so with the merger announced this week on While ‘many’ are confused…

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25 Year Old Korean Startup CEO Nets $2.5M Investment To Connect Fashion Addicts to Retailers

StyleShare CEO Jayoung Yoon is only 25 years old, but has built a formidable fashion and style platform and has just secured a further $2.5M to expand her vision globally. This series B investment from LB…

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New Kakao-Daum Merger Aims to De-Throne Naver-Line And Expedite Kakao’s IPO

Kakao Corp, this week has announced an agreement to buy Korea’s second largest domestic Internet-portal operator Daum Communications in an all-stock deal. It is hoped that the deal will boost the merged entity’s presence in on both Web…

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Bolstered By Private & Public Investment, Qaster A ‘Smart’ Social Q&A Service From Korea Mines Twitter

WIV Labs, a data & social analytics startup which received almost $1M early stage investment from K-Cube Ventures and SMBA (Korean Government), today announced the beta launch of its social Q&A service Qaster ( Qaster is…

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Another One Bites The Dust: Groupon, Another Global Tech Corporation Plans Exit From Korea

Groupon recently announced liquidation of all assets of Groupon Korea, and a plan to focus all its efforts to promote its recent acquisition Ticket Monster (TMON) in Asia’s third largest e-commerce market. Groupon now joins the…

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Shifting Tides: The Korean Portal Market in Flux as Naver Eats Daum, and Nate (and Google Emerges)

Between 1997 and 2001, 3 web portal giants were born in Korea in a mini .com boom that mirrored similar in the west. Daum, Naver and Nate utilized the incredible IT infrastructure that had been built…

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Google Korea Searches for Deep Truths About its Poor Showing, and finds Answers?

I have published a number of stories about Google, Naver and Daum, the not so fair battle-ground of Korean internet, but this piece is also very worth while sharing, as it goes into great depth about…

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Naver & Daum Self-Administer Financial Punishment For Abusing Market Position

Naver and Daum have made a tentative decision to shell out millions of dollars as a form of self-penance for abusing their market dominance in Korea’s internet portal industry, according to the Fair Trade Commission yesterday….

1150일 전
Korea Stumbling Towards Monopolistic Situation In Internet Search – Google Nowhere To Be Seen

The Background For those who don’t know it, the internet situation in South Korea is very different from what you might expect. Most impressively, Google, only claims around a 2% share of the search market. So…

1249일 전
Pragmatic Rivalry and Acquisitions: Trends In The Korean Tech Ecosystem

We have talked a lot recently about the mounting rivalry between Korea’s two major messaging services, Line and Kakao talk. But recent developments demonstrate that this rivalry still allows for pragmatism when it comes to strategic business decisions.

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