SangBong Suh, the head of Smilegate Orange Farm center, helps Korean startups to go to China
  ·  338일 전

If a person comes for the profit goes for another profit, a person bows for a power searches for another powerful men. Only the person comes for the mind lasts forever.” – from “The Rise of the Great Nations” by SangRae Cho. Smilegate group(CEO HyeokBin Kwon) is famous for a FPS game called ‘Cross Fire.’ Cross Fire which has 500million global users, 6million users for concurrent user, successfully localized the game in…

Positioning the Korean Wave as ‘Lifestyle’ for a Sustainable Business Model in China
  ·  360일 전

Where are the momentum that will lead the next decade in the consumer market in China? One advised to pay a good attention to the ‘Post-8090’ generation. The Post-8090 generation, often named balinghou (Post-80) or jiulinghou (Post-90), refers to the people who were born between 1980s and 1990s in China after the Chinese government has introduced ‘One-child’ birth-control policy in 1979. The Post-8090, also named Small Emperors (xiaohuangdi), can be viewed as…

Fandom Culture of M.C.N Stars & Global Strategy of Startups
  ·  , 447일 전

Last January, there was a special event in Peru, South America. It was a fan meeting event of Nardy Santana (Latinasaram), an YouTube MCN star who creates various contents which are based on the Hallyu Wave (Korean ‘cultural wave’ fuelled by the Entertainment Industry), and more than 2000 fans came all the way to see Nardy. This happened just a year after Nardy had started her YouTube channel called Latina Saram. She…

Cyber Security Predictions for 2015: Were the Experts Right?
  ·  475일 전

About this time last year, experts and analysts all placed their official predictions for the cyber threat landscape in 2015. Now that a year has come and gone, it would be interesting to see if these so called analysts were correct. Today, we will review some of the most common web security trends that experts thought would be a major issue in 2015. As a reference, Symantec developed an excellent infographic that…

Top five healthcare trends from technology startups
479일 전

Technology has been integral in medical advancement and personal health. Now more than ever, technology is readily available to people of developed countries, mostly in the form of smart phones and devices. Recently, a surge in personal health gadgets and apps has been observed with the likes of Garmin Vivosmart, Fitbit, Samsung S Health and Apple Health gaining momentum in the market. These smart devices have the ability to not only enhance…

Day2Life’s fully functional mobile time management solution receives investment from 500 Startups
500일 전

Day2Life, a simple day to day mobile time management solution has secured an investment of US$200k (KRW 240m) from 500 Startups, among the most recognized Silicon Valley startup accelerator programs. In securing a position in the program for 2016, the solution was assessed to be highly competitive. The mobile diary solution developed by Day2Life named June, provide a fully functional time management solution on a mobile device. Recent trends show an increase…

SK and Brookside Capital invest $56m into Socar, Korea’s leading car sharing service
548일 전

Korea’s top car-sharing app maker ‘Socar’ has successfully secured a series B investment from SK and Brookside Capital part of Bain Capital for an amount of US$56m (KRW 65b). In October 2014, Socar secured a Series A investment of US$15.5m (KRW 18b) which was used to secured the required vehicle and parking infrastructure which in turn paved the way for growth and offering of new services. As a result of this earlier investment, Socar…

Watch Japan’s first commercial jetliner from Mitsubishi take its maiden flight
560일 전

Japan’s first commercial jet, The Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) – developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, in half a century made its maiden flight on Wednesday. The two-engine aircraft, approximately 35 metres (115ft) long, flew smoothly upward into clear skies in central Japan. It is an important milestone for an ambitious effort by Japan to develop its aerospace industry. The flight seems to have gone well, with the Guardian reporting that it “flew smoothly upward…

Netflix Spends Invest $50 Million in ‘Okja’ from Director Bong Joon Ho
561일 전

Netflix will invest $50 million in upcoming South Korean film Okja by Bong Joon Ho which will be co-produced by Plan B Entertainment, an American film production studio co-founded by Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Okja is a monster movie about the friendship between a little girl and some type of creature. I hope it shares some DNA with Joon-ho’s best movie, The Host. The cast is nothing to shake a stick at,…

Samsung’s improved Gear VR is now up for preorder at $99
561일 전

Samsung’s improved mobile VR headset is ready for the taking the ordering. Oculus announced Samsung’s Gear VR will ship on November 20 with pre-orders kicking off Tuesday. The device costs $99, and can be purchased through Samsung’s website, Amazon and Best Buy. (Full user manual link) Samsung built the new Gear VR to be lighter and more comfortable to wear than its predecessor. The headset can play “dozens of new made-for-VR games” headed…

Instagram released one-second looping video app ‘Boomerang’
580일 전

Instagram on Thursday introduced its newest app called Boomerang. The app lets you create short, shareable animations that play from beginning to end and then from end to beginning. A single press on the capture button takes a burst of 10 photos that are automatically stitched together in a 1-second video. Shoot in portrait or landscape. Share it on Instagram. Boomerang automatically saves it to your camera roll. Other apps released recently by Instagram include…

Amore Pacific invests into Korean IoT beauty startup, Way Wearable
602일 전

Way Wearble, the developer of ‘Way’ the world’s first skin care IoT solution has received an investment from Amore Pacific which is Asia’s leading cosmetics·beauty corporation. Way Wearable is preparing for mass production and service development of Wave with the planned global launch to occur later this year. The investment amount has not been disclosed. Way Wearable first is the world’s first to incorporate IoT (Internet of Things) in skin care. The technology…

Kono Labs releases artificial intelligence scheduler ‘Kono’
605일 전

Kono Labs the developer of an artificial intelligence scheduling service, released their native iOS app Kono for both Apple and Android in USA and Korea. Kono works with calendars inbuilt into smartphones like Google Calendar and simplifies the task of scheduling appointments. By selecting the type of meeting and with whom, the app provides available time slot and locations and send the invitation through mobile phishing in place of email and text message….

UAE VC MENA Apps invests US$170 million into Korean Startup with Towerless Internet Technology

  On the 21st September, global satellite communication company DiGiFi Korea was successful with securing an investment worth US$170 million (KRW 200 billion) from UAE’s largest venture investment company, MENA Apps. Founded in 2014, DiGiFi Korea is a global company that developed an antenna for satellite communication that enables worldwide internet access. Their technology is able to create a wi-fi hotspot through their antenna that broadcasts the internet through low earth orbit satellite….

Softbank Ventures, invests into Gaudi Audio Lab – VR Audio startup

On September 1, Softbank Ventures Korea announced a joint investment deal with Capstone Partners for an amount US$920k which is to be invested into Gaudi Audio Lab. When founded, Gaudi Audio Lab’s mission was to provides the ultimate sound experience that integrates sound and feeling.  This sound solution technology is aimed at complementing the emerging AR and VR markets. Key members include experts at the Wilus Institute of Standard and Technology who led…

Korean food delivery app Yogiyo receives additional investment of US$35 million from DeliveryHero
639일 전

  On the 25th August, it was revealed that Yogiyo a popular food delivery service app in Korea had received further investment of $35 million from DeliveryHero.  DeliveryHero is a German company that provides online food service solutions internationally. This brings the total investments into Yogiyo to approximately US$55 million. Through this investment  Yogiyo will direct their focus towards achieving the total satisfaction of their customers, through continued development and improvement to products and services….

Korean entertainment culture site, Soompi, acquired by Viki
645일 전

Korean entertainment site Soompi has been acquired by Viki in a deal rumored to be less than US $10M. Viki was a startup that was purchased by Rakuten in a huge US $200M deal. This time, Viki is on the other end of the table and the divestor is Crunchyroll. The combination of Viki and Soompi will make the company the largest English platform for discussion and news on Korean entertainment. Korean dramas…

Takeover Silicon Valley, beGLOBAL SF 2015 commences receiving start-up applicants
652일 전

beSUCCESS a professional media company with a particular focus on startups, will be holding the beGLOBAL SF 2015 conference in San Francisco on October 15 and has commenced receiving applications to participate from startups for this years event.   beGLOBAL SF 2015 is the sister event of beGLOBAL Seoul 2015, which was held in in Dondgdaemum DDP back in May.  The Seoul event is Asia’s largest startup conference whilst the San Francisco event seeks…

Vungle Expands Expertise to South Korea’s Startup Scene with In-App Video Ads Service
689일 전

Vungle, the way developers put video ads in their apps, has opened a South Korean office to accelerate growth and global expansion for the country’s startups through high performance in-app advertising. Vungle Korea is led by industry heavyweight, Hong Kim, former CEO of Groupon Korea. Kim brings a solid background in startups and finance, along with a passion for growing companies globally to his new role with Vungle. “South Korea’s startups have…

KakaoTalk Introduces In-chat Search Feature, KakaoTalk #Search!
694일 전

Daum Kakao Corp., provider of Korea’s number one messaging app KakaoTalk, today announced the official launch of #Search (pronounced ‘sharp search’) and Channel for KakaoTalk. #Search allows users to search and share information directly from the KakaoTalk chatroom, while Channel allows users to access and enjoy interest-based content from directly within the app. The two new features are unprecedented additions for messenger or SNS services, and they take KakaoTalk a step closer…