Raj Lahoti, CEO of onlineGURU
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Would you please say “hello” to south korean young entrepreneurs and your feeling about korea? Annyong haseyo! I’m very excited to be a part of this Interview and would like to thank James for thinking of me to share my story with other young entrepreneurs and those aspiring to be entrepreneurs. Although I don’t know MUCH about the country of South Korea, growing up, many of my best friends were Korean and…

Founder of KathrynKerrigan.com_Big Size Shoes Shoppingmall
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Would you please say “hello” to South Korean young entrepreneurs and your feeling about Korea? Of course I say hello, and I wish the best of luck to all young entrepreneurs worldwide! What inspired you to start Kathryn Kerrigan, Inc? I was tired of finding very few options for my size 11 feet.  Just like many other women, I love beautiful footwear!  Unfortunately, many brands do not carry larger sizes.  I decided…

Breaking the Corporate Perception-PR Seen as Cost Centers
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“The cost of acquiring or enlisting professional PR assistance is minute as compared to the goodwill it brings to the company’s most valuable asset – The Brand.” – Suryanto Gobeawan It is a cold hard fact that many corporations these days still view PR as a cost center. This phenomenon could be observed throughout the globe, across different cultures. No doubt that internally, PR is not a “daily money-spinner” department which directly…

Growth Strategies for Businesses
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    Growing your business can be a difficult and often frustrating process. No matter how talented, experienced, or proficient you are as a leader, business development may be draining your energy, funds, and desire to achieve the original plans you had for your company.  Yet growing your business is a critical step in maximizing your company’s potential and in revenue enhancement. So how do you achieve success?  You need a growth…

Mentoring: A Little Help Goes a Long Way
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Mentoring programs offer companies an efficient and economical way to manage and develop human assets. A mentor can transform an average employee into an exceptional leader. A mentor can guide an up-and-coming leader through the maze of leadership skill acquisition. A mentor can even improve the production levels of low-performers. A mentor cannot, however, make an individual want to excel. Nor can a mentor simultaneously boost employee production and groom powerful leaders….

John T. Meyer, Businessweek’s Top 25 Entrepreneurs Under 25
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  Hi John, would you please introduce yourself and to Korea readers? My name is John T. Meyer and I’m the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at 9 Clouds. 9 Clouds is a social marketing firm that improves business through digital literacy. We specialize in online strategy, monitoring, and social media management. and John, What makes you to start your own business with your brother? I was working a big corporate job…

BuySellAds.com CEO Todd interview
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Q1. Hello Todd, Would you please introduce yourself(background stories, etc) to Korean OnSuccess readers and share your thoughts on Korea? First of all, thanks for the interview James and being interested in what I might have to say I’m 29, married, and I live in Boston, Massachusetts. I have been a web designer/developer since about 18 years old and I love building stuff online. What is exciting for me about building a…